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Dr. Mathwich is excited to meet you and potentially become part of your ongoing health. Please use the below form to schedule a 15 minute MEET & GREET appointment with Dr. Mathwich.

HERE IS WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT IN YOUR 15-minute Meet & Greet visit with Dr. Mathwich visit:

  • NO Charge

  • During this visit we will discuss my background, education, and healthcare philosophy.

  • Additionally, I want to hear about you and what you would like from your healthcare team.

  • However, this is not a medical visit, so I won’t be refilling medications or ordering tests.

  • But, if after our brief visit you would like to join the Ascent Team, Cynthia will be happy to schedule your first medical appointment where we will take a deep dive into your health needs.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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